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Adirondack Lifestyle ™: May 12, 2009

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Twittering in the Adirondacks

This is the time of year in the Adirondacks when it is wise to leave the ipod at home if you are going for a trail run. I followed my own advice this morning and as expected, Mother Nature provided the sound track for today’s excursion at Mount Van Hoevenberg. Although I do like my cardio mix, I didn’t miss my favorites this morning since the birds and their twittering kept me happy and psyched the entire run. The early morning birds were just finishing up their performance and were handing off to the day-time singers. As you might imagine, this is “Hey Babe-beeee…!” time for our bird-brain friends. All they can think about is establishing territories and letting everyone know where they are hanging. The din in the forest as a result of all this twittering is incredible.
I am reminded by my morning run and these bird brains to welcome those of you who are coming to read this blog on Twitter – welcome! May I call you “Twits?” I hope you enjoy this blog and find some information of interest, although frankly, I haven’t figured out how or why to use twittering from the digital species yet. If you are into twittering and interested in hearing some unusually melodic and meaningful messages, however, I recommend you take a springtime walk in the Adirondack woods.