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Adirondack Lifestyle ™: Feb 14, 2010

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Johnny Spillane Makes US Nordic Combined History

The United States won an Olympic medal for the first time in the history of Nordic Combined Olympic competition. Nordic combined athlete Johnny Spillane skied an impressive race to a silver medal. As a matter of fact, the U.S. has the strongest team in its history. Team USA placed 3 athletes in the top 6 with Spillane in second, Todd Lodwick 4th, and Bill Demong 6th. Demong had an incredible ski race today as he started in 24th position and finished 6th. It was an exciting race to watch. Unlike Super Bowl Sunday, the Winter Olympics is when I yell at the Tee Vee.

Olympic Fashion

If you watched the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Winter Games on Tee Vee the other night, you probably noticed the fashionably dashing uniforms issued to Team USA. Appropriately, they were designed by the all-time top American fashion designer, Ralph Lauren. Check out the collection here.
I am partial to Mr. Lauren’s designs because he seems to like and understand outdoor lifestyles like the Adirondacks. As a matter of fact, this year’s Olympic team design incorporates elements from the clothing worn for the 1932 Lake Placid Winter Olympics. Our athletes look "very much like they just stepped out of Lake Placid circa 1932." This according to David Lauren, head of marketing for the Ralph Lauren company. He said they looked to past Olympics for inspiration and came up with a design that combined classic with a modern twist. This is, of course, the reason Ralph Lauren's clothing endures, especially in the Adirondacks. People like to buy a skirt and know they can wear it for twenty years because it will last that long and still be fashionable. Ralph Lauren seems to understand that wool blankets still work great, especially when seated in an Adirondack chair at camp on a chilly June morning. He gets it that somehow, Buffalo Plaid seems to match everything.
I think the Adirondack kids look perfectly natural and very much like they just stepped out of Lake Placid circa 2010 in their Team USA outfits.