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Adirondack Lifestyle ™: Jul 3, 2008

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Hokey Adirondack Blog Post of the Week

Sometimes I just have to say "Life is good in the Adirondacks!" Yesterday was a stunner - it was an absolutely glorious day. The views from home were worth a little porch time. Even driving to the Village of Lake Placid was a treat since my 5-mile commute from the homestead takes me past the lovely Lake Placid Horse Show Grounds, resplendent with its finely manicured competition rings, lovely horses and perfectly poised riders. I've added some photos of the Grand Prix to the horse show photo gallery. Seems I can't go by the place without being struck by the Adirondack eye-candy, so I stop, pull out the camera and act like a tourist most every day.
Then there are all the Ironman athletes, biking, running and swimming to get ready for their big day on Sunday, July 20. It seems like there are 5 different Ironman training camps in town every day throughout the Spring and Summer. I like seeing all the athletes because they are usually so inspirational and it reminds me to get out for a little exercise.
This brings me to an important point: with the 4th of July holiday coming, Lake Placid and the Adirondacks in general will be humming with people and activity. Please be aware of cyclists if you are driving, and be aware of drivers if you are on a bike. Bikers need to remember to follow the rules of the road. Please, no riding two and three abreast, etc. Drivers, yeah, it might be annoying to have to think about not hitting that guy on the bike on these lovely but sometimes narrow roads, but you would just feel badly if you killed someone on a bike, so pay attention.