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Adirondack Lifestyle ™: Feb 24, 2008

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Pure and Healthy Adirondack Lifestyle

One of the best parts of living here in the tremendous Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York is the option to live a very healthy lifestyle. For people who love the outdoors and love to be outdoors, this is a great place to live or own property. I was reminded of these points this morning as I perused a local newspaper online, The Plattsburgh Press Republican, and found today's feature story on Whiteface Mountain, "Whiteface Forever Wild at 50." The article details the development of Whiteface Mountain as a ski area. It describes the men who tamed the raw and rugged terrain and gave us the 3,400-foot vertical drop we enjoy today.
From the article...
Whiteface Mountain ski area is a product of the World War II veterans of the "10th Mountain Division, a company of mountaineers trained for alpine combat. When the mountain soldiers came home after legendary victories at Mount Belvedere in Italy, many established ski centers, alpine training schools and a national ski patrol. The veterans brought their passion for mountain skiing to the American masses as sport. The 10th Mountain Division ended up with a love of skiing. These were a group of people who loved to be outdoors. The life seemed pure and healthy."
That's because it is.
It has been said that Whiteface is a 'skier's mountain,' that is, if you love to ski hard and be outdoors, you will love skiing Whiteface. There are no slope-side condos, or fancy mountainside shopping boutiques, those you'll find in the Village of Lake Placid. At Whiteface you'll enjoy interesting and challenging terrain, almost no lift lines and plenty of fresh Adirondack air. If you love the outdoors, wilderness winter sport and the idea of mountain living, you'll understand why I write so much about this lifestyle choice, and you might want to check out the article I referenced. It was interesting enough to get me off my intended blog track today and once again rave about this lovely Adirondack lifestyle.