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Adirondack Lifestyle ™: Feb 15, 2010

Monday, February 15, 2010

Winter Olympics Adirondack Style

The winter sports excitement picks up a notch today as I watch the Men's Downhill playing on CTV right now. The Adirondack how-to-watch-the-Olympics trick is to catch the actual, live events on CTV (Canadian Tee Vee), and then you don't have to worry about sitting through endless commercial interruptions to watch an old news, network-style collage of the event. The Canadian play-by-play and color commentators really know their stuff and make some pretty funny observations, eh?
I was preparing to write my "Bode Miller Wins Olympic Gold in Downhill" blog post, a bit prematurely apparently, when a Norwegian skier nailed the line and knocked Bode down to second place. I didn't miss the action because it was happening live on television. I've only suffered through three (3!) commercial interruptions during this hour and 15 minutes of race watching. Thirty-one skiers have run and Bode remains in third place - a Bronze; even the Canadian announcers admit the standings will probably not change.
Now you know the best way to watch the Olympic Winter Games on television while still in the United States; an Adirondack information tid-bit, as promised more than two years ago when I started this blogging thing.
Today's featured photo is Bode Miller, Downhill Racer, originally from New Hampshire, USA.