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Adirondack Lifestyle ™: Sep 22, 2009

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

On Making The Adirondack Lifestyle Decision

I spent much of last weekend with a sensible and astute couple who have decided to relocate from a major U.S. city to the Adirondacks. It is a big decision, but they've given it a great deal of thought. For two days we looked at property and toured the region, talking about good places to eat and how one decides where to live. It should come as no surprise then, that I've been thinking about why people live where they do. Sometimes, people really don't make a choice, they just end up somewhere because of easy access to work or as a result of family influences. On the other hand, some of us are acutely sensitive to our surroundings and know exactly what makes us feel good and what makes us cringe. Then there are those folks who are extremely adaptable. They can live anywhere, depending on the circumstances. I have found the ability to be flexible about where I live to be like physical flexibility; the older I get, the less I have. I know what makes me feel good, productive, and content, and what doesn't, because I pay attention. Today's moral of the story is it doesn't really matter how you reach the decision about where to live at a given point in your life, as long as you are aware that you are making a decision. It also helps to be aware and pay attention to how different places feel and how you feel when you are there.
And now for the practical side of the story! Here are some things to consider, in the form of questions, for those of you who are thinking about where you want to live and think it might be in the Adirondacks. Do you like to be within walking distance of a community or do you want to be in the middle of nowhere and not see another person unless you seek them out?
Do you need to at least see other people's lights at night in order to feel safe?
Or do you prefer a night sky devoid of all artificial light, so you can see the stars?
Do you need to be totally wired with high-speed internet access?
Do you spend more time actually in your home or outside of the home?
Do you like wide open spaces or do you like to be nestled and surrounded?
Do you want views? Waterfront? How much are you willing to sacrifice in terms of money and convenience for them?
How do you feel about noise?
How far are you willing to travel for the basic necessities....such as skiing, access to hiking trails, and water for paddling?
How important is "going shopping" as a form of entertainment to you?
Finally, how do you feel about shoveling snow in sub-zero temperatures, for at least a couple of weeks a year?
Today's featured photo is Mirror Lake in Lake Placid, New York, on the last full day of Summer 2009.