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Adirondack Lifestyle ™: Dec 13, 2007

Thursday, December 13, 2007

So much little time!

Things are picking up here in Lake Placid. It is fun to live in a place where boredom is your own fault, but it can sometimes be exhausting. In addition to the holiday socializing fun inevitable this time of year, we have to fit in outdoors fun, and event fun, and taking-care-of-guests-fun, and making decorations fun, etc.
On the topic of fun outside, according to the smartest, skiing real estate broker I know, Whiteface Mountain is in great shape. "Coverage is phenomenal." Apparently, the six to ten inches of snow we received in the last few days was fun to play in and is now groomed to perfection, awaiting a predicted six to ten more inches through the weekend! Whiteface is off to a great start.
Speaking of the weekend and event fun, The 2007 World Cup Bobsled and Skeleton competition will be held starting tomorrow, December 14 through Sunday, December 16, down the road at the Mt. Van Hoevenberg Olympic Sports complex on Route 73 in Lake Placid. If you've never seen a bobsled competition, it is rather wild and worth a trip. Skeleton is pretty cool to watch too. Of course, then there is the skiing.....By the way, the Olympic cross-country trails are also 'phenomenal' and groomed to perfection. The track is set beautifully and the downhills are fast!
Winter's great in New York State - especially in the Adirondacks!

Let it Snow!

One of the best things about living and visiting the Adirondacks is the visual impact you get nearly every time you lift your eyes. Wintertime is particularly special because the snow covers a multitude of sins. Everything looks beautiful covered in snow, even the lop-sided log pile in the yard.
Although I've tried for many years, I have never been able to adequately describe just much I love winter, its spirit and how wonderful winter is in the Adirondacks.
Here is a link to to a very special video, "White Out," a visual paean to the magic of snow. From the NY Times online:
"Snow is particularly joyful in how it transforms everything it covers.
(editorial comment: I'll say!)
The brightness of its white forces the iris in your eye to shut way down, and suddenly everything that isn’t snow is in silhouette or defined by shadow. The world becomes a high-contrast graphic representation of itself. This distillation of form allowed me to focus on painting pure motion in relation to the winter landscape.
This film is composed of approximately 2,250 watercolor paintings on paper.

The music is by Shay Lynch, and wonderfully captures the endless cascade of the montage while giving the film a kind of emotional elegance in spite of its vaudevillian pratfalls."