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Adirondack Lifestyle ™: Jan 15, 2008

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Late Afternoon Tip of the Tuque

It was a lovely late afternoon and evening here in the Adirondacks. The Olympic cross-country ski trails at Mount Van Hoevenberg (MVH) are worth mentioning today because the staff has done such a superb job. After the rain and subsequent cold, conditions are challenging, to say the least. Not to worry though, the trails have been tilled and groomed to perfection. The ski-skating is outstanding, with great conditions for interval training, or specific technique or speed workouts. It was great fun! And the sunset was glorious this evening as well. Adirondack sunset are very special; their peach, lavender and gray stripes contrasted against the mountains and balsams are truly spectacular. Here are a few shots of today's views.

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NY Times Hat Trick!

The New York Times online has another feature about Whiteface Mountain on the front page. I couldn't figure out how to get the video in this blog, so you'll have to go to the Times and follow these directions: if you go to the NY Times Online home page, scroll down a bit to the box that has "Video" on the top. Choose the "Business" video, and you will see a cool bit about Whiteface and snowboarding. One of the youngsters in the video with the Times reporter is the son of a family friend. He says the snowboarders call older folks who try to snowboard, "Grays on trays." Awesome!