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Adirondack Lifestyle ™: Aug 8, 2009

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Would You Like a Lake Placid Buzz?

Getting to the office on a busy Saturday afternoon during late summer in Lake Placid, New York, where I make my home, is always a challenge. It is especially difficult on a splendid day like today, when I absolutely had to fit in some outside-in-the-sunshine exercise time. And so it happened once again that I somehow managed to be "running late" for my office obligation. Time on the trail run always has a funny way of going by faster than I plan. This results in a harried getting dressed and ready for the office experience which includes haphazardly throwing things in my briefcase and lunch bag in the guise of packing. Although I live just minutes from the Village of Lake Placid where our real estate office is located, the summer events and crowds usually cause the drive to take much longer than the six minutes I allocate for the trip. The slow, vacationing and view-gawking drivers and traffic sometimes make me wish my vehicle was equipped with a rocket launcher. Oddly enough, it was during my frantic drive to be on time today that I suddenly relaxed. As I drove past the Lake Placid Horse Show Grounds where the sports fields are located, I noticed the Lacrosse action and all the fans enjoying the incredible perfect Adirondack day (PAD). The sun was brilliant and the few drifting clouds in the sky made a constantly changing pattern on the Sentinel Range. Main Street was packed with happy, smiling people. Every time I was stuck in traffic or tried to make a turn, another driver smiled and let me go ahead of them. These people were were having fun. It was turning out to be a very pleasant commute. After parking the car and as I walked to the office, I started to feel it too. This place is buzzing with positive energy! I've theorized about this before, and I know it is true: time in the Adirondacks just makes people feel good. If you would like to experience a wonderful, legal buzz, give the Adirondacks a try. You certainly won't be disappointed, and you just might get hooked.