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Friday, November 30, 2007

Exhaust yourself in the Adirondacks!

It appears we are in a cold and snowy trend, at least for the coming week. Some forecasts are predicting heavy snow, 16 inches or so, this Sunday night through Monday. We'll see....I always believe the 'heavy snow' forecasters!
Since I've lived here for twenty years, I sometimes forget how many cool and interesting things happen in the Adirondacks on a daily basis. I never forget how stunning and beautiful the scenery is, as all I have to do is lift my head from this 'puter screen to be reminded of the region's natural beauty. (By the way, today's photo is another version of my morning tea-drinking view.)
As I've mentioned, the Olympic venues are modern and well-maintained, so we host a plethora of international sporting competitions. As a resident of the Adirondacks, I could be pleasantly exhausted without even exercising by just watching people train and compete. For example, there is a World Cup Bobsled and Skeleton competition scheduled for December 14-16 down the road at the Mt. Van Hoevenberg Olympic Sports Complex. The bobsled, skeleton and luge runs are at the same 'venue' as the Olympic cross-country ski trails. The sliding venues were upgraded a few years ago and are hot-shot, world-class sites for international athletes to train, and of course, compete. The United States Bobsled and Skeleton Federation has headquarters in Lake Placid. I was reminded of this recently during a workout at the local gym. I was wondering why all these super-buff men with huge quadriceps were very effectively getting in my way in the free-weight section (it's not like they were using the 8-lbers). They were lifting massive amounts of weight and working much harder than most citizen athletes....duh; they were bobsledders in town to train since the Lake Placid runs were already iced and ready to go.
I would suggest checking out the upcoming Bobsled and Skeleton World Cup if you are looking to experience something very out of the ordinary. It is quite a scene to see live as opposed to just catching it on TV during the Olympic Games. The Lake Placid/Essex County Convention and Visitors Bureau is a good place to start when you are wondering what is going on in the region. You can even sign up to receive email updates on events....just don't exhaust yourself!


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