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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Mount Van Hoevenberg Trail Report

The trails at Mount Van Hoevenberg (MVH) are in fantastic shape these days. For trail running that is, not skiing. It is still fun to recreate on those lovely trails, it is just not as much fun as skiing on them.
A recent MVH trail run offered up a plethora of Adirondack wildflowers, pretty enough to be distracting. There were carpets of Spring Beauties, Painted Trillium, Bunchberry, But-ter Cups, Wild Strawberry in bloom, Star Flower and Foam Flower. The Purple Wood Violets are a great touch since they break up the greens and whites so abundant on the wooded, mossy trails. And they are edible!
Speaking of eatable, the resident lab flushed a mama grouse on the excursion. We were treated to the standard, "oops, I have a broken wing and you can eat me so you don't hurt my babies" ploy. Poor Puz the bird-dog didn't understand why he was being called off the bird when he usually receives lavish praise for this behavior. I am always amazed that I don't see more people making good use of the large number of running trails in the Adirondacks. It you enjoy trail running, or just don't run on pavement anymore (wise), you might want to check out some Adirondack trails that are perfect for running.


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